Classic Grey Skies/Canadian Tuxedo Scrunchies - 2 Pack

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Bamboo Stretch Terry

Grey skies is a light gray CANADIAN handmade scrunchie that compliments every hair colour. It’s the perfect on-the-go Zenchie designed for everyday life. The Bamboo Stretch Terry is extra luxe and feels amazing on your hair.

Organic Denim Cotton

Canadian Tuxedo is a staple Zenchie to add to your collection for all you denim lovers out there! What else could be cuter and more Canadian than this medium-wash denim to dress up your outfit?!

Our Canadian, luxurious hand-made scrunchies are made strong, & made to last!

Our strong elastic will provide your hair the perfect hold all day long saving you from constant readjusting!

Comes with a cute little linen pouch for scrunchie storage.