Na-kd - On-Trend and Sustainable Fashion Has a New Canadian Home

Born 2015 in Sweden, Na-kd have taken over the fashion world, proving that clothing can be affordable and on-trend. Working together closely with brand ambassadors and content creators from all over the world, they strive to keep the most updated, on-trend styles on all channels with their influencer and creator partnerships.


NA-KD is digitally native. They are born online (just like us) and will continue to expand and improve their brand to be optimized for shopping online. They have a group of talented individuals always looking to create and find the hottest pieces in women’s fashion. Combined with close collaboration with some of the most sought-after influencers in the industry, they are able to help move the fashion dial forward.


The Fashion industry has been forced to pivot to pieces that are both sustainable and affordable. Na-kd has been championing these practices from day one, and that's why we want to bring their brand to you!


Na-kd Fashion - On-Trend Affordable and Sustainable Chic Fashion