How to Style your Smash + Tess Romper

Since we've launched the Coffee Time Waffle Romper for sale on our site, we decided it would be best to provide some super cool style tips for how to style your new Smash + Tess rompers!

The Smash + Tess Coffee Time Waffle Romper


I mean, for the most part, Smash + Tess rompers can hold their own as a stand-alone piece. These beautifully styled pieces like the Wednesday or the Anyday Romper are super flattering, and look great when lounging around the house, when you're on your work-from-home tip, or when you're having a wine night with the girls.

The Smash + Tess Anyday Romper


HOWEVER, if you're looking to wear your romper and make it fashion, we've got you covered. One way to get even more out of your amazing S+T romper is to add a belt. A waist-high belt can help shape your romper further, and with the right piece, can bring your lounge around look to an around the town look! When it comes to belts, something with a statement buckle will do best. The BRAVE Leather Kasi Buckle looks amazing as it is, but paired with your romper, it's a WHOLE look.


The Kasi Belt from BRAVE Leather


Once you add the belt, all you're missing is something nice to hang across your shoulder. The good thing here is that you can add your own signature to your look, and style your accessory however you'd like. Personally, we love the BRAVE Venice Bag. This bag has POP and will turn any romper-fit into a winner. Personally, we're cheetah fans, but even a snake-skin style leather piece will work well here too. If you're looking for something more subtle, we suggest the MILCK Clutch from Ela Handbags. This little beauty is made from vegan leather, and lined in Ela's signature purple. The gold chain shoulder strap is what will really complete the look, adding just the right amount of bougie-ness (yes we just made that word up).


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