Brave Leather - Premium Leather Goods Made In Canada

For 28 years, BRAVE Leather’s collection has been driven by the beauty of the world’s most exclusive leathers alongside an artisan’s commitment to fine detail. Surrounded by the tools of the leather goods trade in his Canadian-based factory, designer Scott Irvine discovers his vision through his materials, his machinery and the rare craftspeople who bring his collection to life. The BRAVE Leather collection includes women’s and men’s belts, leather cuffs, handbags and accessories.
The leathers are ethically produced by the traditional process of vegetable tanning, and are free of toxic chemicals. BRAVE uses leather that is exclusively a by-product of the food industry - not one piece of leather has ever come from an animal sacrificed for its skin. In addition, BRAVE Leather uses only zero VOC water based adhesives in our production. Like LC Apparel, BRAVE cares about the environment and support the mission to produce eco-friendly fashion. They strive to reduce waste by recycling leather cuttings and remnants into leather tags and reusable pouches.
BRAVE is one of Canada's fashion gems, and we want to showcase their products front and centre.
Brave Leather