Ela - Sustainable, Stylish, Handbags and Accessories

Ela is a Canadian company making vegan handbags and accessories.
When it comes to Ela's products, quality and accessibility are siblings, not distant cousins. They believe you don’t need to compromise quality to get what you deserve. They have bridged that gap between great design and accessible fashion, and redefined the concept of “luxury”, one handbag at a time. They design timeless pieces that are crafted from vegan materials with the goal to make sustainability and animal-safe products the new normal. 
Ela is environmentally conscious. They have created lineup of products brave enough to support this conscious initiative: to bid adieu to leather and say hello to alternative materials. Ela has made it so you can have a choice in the market that was not just pretty to look at but also felt “good to wear”. They share our commitment to keep the dream of conscious, affordable luxury an everyday habit.
 --Ela Handbags