Shackets - Our Favourite Canadian Spring Outfit Trend This Season

Spring is in the air, and here at LC Apparel Co we want to showcase the trends that are sure to have you looking your finest this season. In this blog you'll find our favourite fashion trends that we've seen born out of the last few months, Shackets.

We love this trend. Shackets are a no-brainer during Canadian Spring. You can go from winter to spring and back to winter in the span of a day this time of year, so a go-to shirt jacket or sweater-jacket is the best way to layer-up and still look super stylish this season.

Gentle Fawn is our go-to when it comes to shackets this season. Their Kyleen Jacket is gorgeous. It's a slub-knit with cute pocket details, it buttons up if you want to, or you could wear it open with other cute pieces underneath like a tank top, V-neck, or a regular tee. 

Gentle Fawn Kyleen Jacket Shacket Knit Canadian Trend

The Guide Jacket is another beautiful piece that has been one of our top sellers this Spring. This jacket instead, is a cotton-twill, and each piece is hand-washed to achieve a smooth finish. This hand-washing also means that each piece is unique. It's not every day that you can say you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece for such an affordable price. 

Guide Jacket Gentle Fawn Cotton Shacket Canadian Fashion Trend

Best ways to accompany these pieces? Well, the Kyleen Jacket in Grey pairs so beautifully with the Brunette Tee from their Valentine's day collection. The little "I love you" message is too cute to look over. It looks great in Heather Pink as well.

Brunette the Label I Love You Forever T-Shirt Tee Cute

With the Guide Jacket, we're going with the Carr Tank from Gentle Fawn as well. They are the perfect tank to pair with the Guide, and both colours of tank can work with both colours of jacket.

Carr Tank Gentle Fawn Top White Black Cute

However, there's one other outfit pairing that we can't pass up. The Guide Jacket in Olive, plus the Smash + Tess Sunday Romper, equals SUPER cute outfit idea! We've just received these beautiful rompers in a new colour, Café au Yay! Try these together and watch your socials grow off the charts as you share these amazing Shacket Outfit Ideas. 

Smash And Tess Cafe Au Yay Sunday Romper Canadian Made Fashion Designer



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