LC Apparel Co's Official Holiday Gift Guide for 2021! Five Gifts for Under $150

The Holiday season is fast (and we mean FAST) approaching! This year, more than ever, it's so important to make sure you get your shopping out of the way quickly! Since we understand how tough it is to find the perfect gift for each special person in your life, we're going to give you a guide to figure out EXACTLY how to shop this year - all from the comfort of your own home. So come check out some amazing Canadian Products below, and find what you need this holiday season!


The Gift for Your Fashionista Friend:

The "Esse" Bag from ai Toronto Seoul

If you've been to our site before, you know that one of our favourite Toronto-based brands is ai Toronto Seoul. Founded by three amazing sisters and their mother, ai Toronto Seoul bags are all designed in Toronto, and made in small batches in South Korea. 

Our favourite bag from ai is an absolute statement piece that your friend with an eye for fashion will just adore! The "Esse" Bag (inspired by our renewed love for essentials) is a cute little crossbody bag that is bound to turn heads anywhere you wear it. The interior is made from a soft texture, and has a centre button to close the bag. Phone, keys, wallet, maybe some eyeliner or lipstick? This bag keeps it short, and oh so sweet. This is a stunning option to help complete any fabulous outfit - Available in Black, Navy, Taupe, and Olive. After being featured on The Shopping Channel earlier this year, ai Toronto Seoul is a brand ready to explode on the scene, so give a gift that your friends with an ear to the streets will definitely love and appreciate. 

ai Toronto Seoul Esse Bag Essentials Cross Body Bag

The "Esse" Bag in Taupe from ai Toronto Seoul

The Gift for Your Forever Working-From-Home Friend:

The Cozy Friday Romper in Poinsettia Plaid

At this point, I think everyone has that one friend who's been working from home for nearly two years, and has fully embraced the "zoom call" lifestyle. They've grown their hair a little longer (then cut abruptly decided to cut it), they've done every Tik Tok dance challenge out there, and they've DEFINITELY found a new love for that Pasta Dish with Tomatoes and Feta that everyone was making. Well, for that friend, we think the best gift for them would be something to support their new lifestyle - a Cozy Romper from Smash + Tess. The Cozy Friday Romper in Poinsettia Plaid is made in a thicker fabric to keep you warm throughout the colder months, this Romper is the ultimate WFH uniform. If you're also looking for a gift for the Festive Friend in your group, this Romper will definitely do the trick.

Smash Tess Plaid Romper Friday Cozy Canadian Made Fashion

The Cozy Friday Romper in Poinsettia Plaid from Smash + Tess

The Gift for Your Ski (or Après Ski) Obsessed Friend:

The Après Actif Merino Wool Toque and Essential Ribbed Long Sleeve

Your friend that's always dragging you out of the city to make you do "fun winter stuff" will love some gorgeous pieces from another Canadian Brand, Après Actif. Founded and designed in Canada, Après is the latest brand to take of thanks to our re-kindled relationship with the great Canadian outdoors. Their 100% Merino Wool Toques are the softest and comfiest toques on the market. Their minimal styling is the perfect mix of trendy and sporty, and they match perfectly with the Essential Ribbed Long Sleeve. This top is made of an ultra-soft Rayon/Spandex blend with the perfect amount of stretch to comfortably contour to your curves. With tops and toques available in Grey, Black, and Champagne/Butter, you can buy a matching pair and stick it out in the chalet while your friend is hitting the slopes.

Après Actif Merino Wool Toque Rayon Ribbed Long Sleeve top

The 100% Merino Wool Toque in Cloud Grey by Après Actif

The Gift for your the Friend That's Starting Their Influencer Career:

The Faux-Leather Headband From Femme Faire & The Aurora Satchel From Pixie Mood

Social Media has EXPLODED over the past year, and influencers have become the new celebrities! Whether is fashion, food, or fitness, we all know a friend who's launched their social media presence and has captivated their followers with intriguing and fun content. Maybe you've even been a part of their photo shoots! They've been promoting super cute pieces throughout the year and you're always waiting to see what new products they'll be showcasing next! Femme Faire and Pixie Mood are two Canadian Brands that are on-trend, and both made promote consumer consciousness. Femme Faire products are Handmade in Canada, and Pixie Mood bags are all lined with Recycled Water Bottles. Ethical, ecological, and stunning, these products tick every box for today's modern consumer! Our go-to combo this season is the Black Faux-Leather Knotted Headband and the Aurora Satchel in black, to match. 

Femme Faire Faux Leather Headband Knotted Canadian Made

The Faux Leather Knotted Headband in Black by Femme Faire

The Gift for Your Friend Who Wants to Give Back This Season:

The Gentle Fawn Revival Scarf & Tucker Pullover

The Holidays remind us that everyone is going to be celebrating differently. Hopefully you have a friend in your circle to remind you that giving back what we have to help those who may not is another important reason why celebrating the holidays is so special. Canadian Brand Gentle Fawn has teamed up with One Girl Can this year to help support young women in Kenya through education, to help the become leaders in their communities, and have their voices heard so that they can help shape the future of their country. Every purchase of a Revival Scarf will help fund this mission. Pair the Revival Scarf with Gentle Fawn's best-selling Tucker Pullover, and you have two gorgeous pieces that you can truly feel good about wearing.

Gentle Fawn Revival Scarf One Girl Can Charity Sand

The Revival Scarf in Sand by Gentle Fawn


We hope this Gift Guide helped with your holiday shopping this season! Make sure to signup for our Newsletter for more gift ideas and to keep up to date with the latest Brand and Product Announcements throughout the year!



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