3 Great Sustainable Denim Brands Available in Canada

Nowadays, it's so important that the brands we're wearing and supporting share the same values as us. Sustainability in fashion is something that has really evolved over the past few years, and the Denim industry is no stranger to the rapid change that the rest of the fashion world is experiencing. We want to shine some light on three incredibly creative and sustainable Denim brands (that we carry!) that have helped pioneer the sustainability movement in the wide world of Denim. 

Kut From The Kloth:

Kut From the Kloth is the first brand on our list of sustainable Denim options available in Canada. Kut is committed to caring for the environment, and their sustainability initiatives can be seen from the way they conduct their business, right through their entire product line. 

Kut is committed to ensuring that all of their business partners adhere to strict environmental standards when it comes to production and sale of their products. Making sure that your business partners is as dedicated to the environment as your business, means that these values will continue to resonate throughout the fashion industry. 

On top of that, Kut has some gorgeous Jeans that are produced with the planet in mind. Kut achieves their gorgeous Jean washes while using up to 95% less of it with eflow technology. This system utilizes air from the atmosphere, which reduces the water, product, and energy required for each cycle. Even better, eflow increases washing capacity by 200%. That means washing more denim using way fewer of our Earth’s precious resources.

And it's not just water recycling. By using recycled fabric or buying denim made from recycled materials like water bottles, they are helping to improve air quality, clear landfills, conserve energy and save water.

The Mia Skinny Above Wash Kut From the Kloth Sustainable Denim Recycled Bottles

Mia High Rise Fab Ab Skinny - Above Wash

DL1961 Denim:

DL1961 is one of the original sustainable Denim brands in the fashion industry. A brand that has been around for a long time, and has a huge following in North America, DL1961 is one of our favourite Denim brands because of how truly amazing the quality of their products are. These are Jeans like no other, and when it comes to sustainability, DL1961 is a company like no other.

DL1961 has an eco-friendly mill that is one of the leading denim manufacturers, which means they're able to create the highest quality denim that’s good for you and for the planet. Constructing your jeans start with weaving premium, eco-friendly fibers into custom-blended yarns and high-retention fabrics. We want consumers to not only feel the difference in the fabric and fit, but also understand the difference that their jeans make for the environment.

DL1961 makes EVERYTHING in-house, from spinning the yarn, weaving the fabric, producing the garment to finishing all in the same facility. Conventional denim can travel multiple places as it is being assembled before it gets to you. A vertically integrated system significantly reduces the amount of energy and emissions needed to produce each garment. Every day we save more water, implement newer technologies, and reimagine ways to up-cycle, recycle, and give back. DL1961 has saved over 892 MILLION gallons of water in 2019, and it's environmental consciousness like that that helps make these gorgeous Jeans that much more beautiful to the world

DL1961 Premium Sustainable Denim Canada High Quality Jeans

The Florence Skinny - Mid-Rise Instasculpt Ankle - Drizzle

Modern American:

If there's one brand that doesn't shy away from challenging the status quo in the Denim industry. An off-shoot of well know Denim brand Fidelity, Mod/Am are the perfect blend of trendy, comfy, and edgy denim that keeps environmental consciousness at the top of mind. 

Each year, the denim industry uses 1.3 trillion gallons of water for the dying of fabric alone. This number does not even take into account the amount of water needed to grow and process the cotton to make denim, nor the water used in home washing machines to maintain the life of the garment. On average, the estimated amount of water needed to grow, dye and process the cotton for just one pair of jeans ranges from 500-1,800 gallons of water. Wow.

Modern American's state of the art “water-less washing machines” allow for the utilization of 70% recycled water, drastically reducing the amount of water used in the washing process. Additionally, our “water-less aging process” uses up to 80% less water than traditional washing and aging processes.

And to knock it out of the park, Modern American denim is made from 100% USA Grown cotton, thoughtfully prepared with reduced use of chemicals and made less than two hours away from our sewing facilities, allowing us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Modern American The Lafayette Narrow Zuma Jean Sustainable Denim

The Lafayette Narrow Zuma Jean

Which brand is your favourite? Comment below and make sure to browse all three of these amazing brands on our store!



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